Why should I invest in Wright Way Realty LLC?

Secured Investment.

Your Investment is Secured.
Whether investing on a specific property or a lump sum, a mortgage will be filed on a property.
You are listed as first insured on any insurance policy
When the property sells, you are the first to receive payment at close with interest.
There is no minimum or maximum investment.

Multiple investment options.

One lump sum at an agreed upon interest rate. I pay anywhere from 5%-10% depending on the terms
Invest in a specific property.
Invest in rental properties

I pay much higher interest rates than banks, money market accounts, and other investment options.

I calculate the interest I’m paying into my offers so I still make money on the properties I buy.

Offering higher interest brings more investors and allows me to do more business.
Making cash offers allows me to buy quickly and cash offers are usually accepted before financed offers.

Quick payback on your investment.

My average turnaround on a rehab property from closing so closing is 4 months.
You can reinvest all or none of what you originally invested.

Easy access to money

Funds can be requested and returned within 72 business hours.

I put your money to work.

It’s a win win situation. You receive a high interest on your savings, and I make money buying and rehabbing homes.


Crunching Numbers:

$100,000 Balance in savings account
2% Interest paid by bank (and this is a high estimate)
$2,000 Total interest made in a year
$100,000 Invested in Wright Way Realty LLC
7% Average interest amount paid to my investors
$7,000 Total interest made in a year

It’s simple, but great for everyone involved.