Why do you pay such high rates?

I’ve found that it’s not the cost of money that counts, but it’s quick access to funds that allows me to capitilize on opportunities.
Cash offers are accepted before financed offers.
I can make quick offers and close quickly as well.

Who handles all the details? 

I do. It’s my job to file all the proper paperwork to protect your interest.  This costs you nothing.  I pay all filing fees with each county.

How do I get paid?          

You can receive quarterly, monthly, or yearly interest check.
You can leave the interest and let it accrue even more interest.
You can be paid in one lump sum on the sale of a specific property.

Is this a long-term investment?      

This depends on how you want to invest.  My average holding time for any given property is 4 months.  You may choose to reinvest or leave a set amount in the company for any given amount of time.

What if I need to liquidate?  

If you need out for any reason, just let me know and I will get you the cash as fast as possible.  Never more than 36 hours.  There is never a penalty for early withdraw.

Is my investment really as safe as it sounds?     

Yes!  Every property I purchase is put through a rigorous financial evaluation in order to evaluate the profitability before the property is ever purchased.

Can I use my IRA’s or pension plan?         

Yes, you will need to select a third party custodian like Equity Trust Company (www.trustetc.com) and they will administer your retirement accounts.

What are my options if Wright Way Realty LLC doesn’t pay?     

First, I have never been late on a payment to an investor. My integrity is an essential part of my business and I only make sound investment decisions.  However, to answer this question, there are several steps you can take.

  1. We can restructure the payment schedule on the note.
  2. The property that your mortgage is held by can be deeded over to you. (It was purchased at a deeply discounted rate so you’re sure to have immediate equity in the home.)
  3. You can foreclose.  It’s not as time consuming and costly as you think.  You can send your note to an attorney and then sit back and wait.  Nine times out of ten, before the foreclosure is even complete, someone will be calling your attorney’s office with a payoff letter and your loan will get paid off.  When this happens, you will collect all accrued interest, your principal balance, and all attorney’s fees, court costs, and all other expense you have incurred in connection with your loan.

What documents will I receive?        

Copy of a filed mortgage
Promissory Note
Hazard insurance endorsement naming you as mortgagee